The Bennies Are Great Here…We Get WATER

The cleaning person left me a note saying that the coffee pot was left on last night and there was a small amount of coffee left in it. It is very important that we all are making sure that the coffee pot is turned off before the end of the working day. The people in charge of kitchen duty should be double checking to make sure that the coffee pot has been turned off and that no coffee is left in the pot.

Also, the water cooler continues to be left plugged in with no water in the cooler. Per my previous emails, I have stated the importance of why the water cooler always needs to have water in it or unplugged. We have already experienced the result of what happens, in the first 4 months that we had the water cooler we did not take care of it and it lead to the motor burning out. If you would like to continue the privilege of water, you must abide by the rules.
[Ed. Privilege of water? What F*&%&#% century IS THIS?!?]

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    Water is so 1998

    I worked for a company in 1998 when we received an email stating that the water in the water color was for the express use of the CEO only. No one else was allowed to use that water.

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