Contest: Best Terms For “Firing A Bunch Of People”

Has your company recently had a “downsizing”, “restructuring”, or “staff reduction”? Sure we’ve all heard those before, but what about really CREATIVE BULLSHIT like “job action” or “payroll adjustments” or “right sizing”? Here are the best 10 that were sent in…thanks and enjoy!? # Resource Leveling # Job Abolishment # Involuntary Departures # Separation from […]

HR Stinky

Welcome [Employee Name], our new VP of Paradigm and Creative Development! [Employee Name] comes to us from [Other Company] where he was Brand Manager in their Stategic Services Devision. He holds a BA from Vassar and an MBA from Harvard. [Employee Name] was responsible for internet visiblity for the [Product], which was recently sold to […]