Resume Acronyms

The following appeared on a resume recently sent to my company…these bullet points contained the worst offenses, although the entire resume was quite a stinker. [Ed: I’m sure he was hired instantaneously.]

* Project: OMCR MIB/UI For CDMA EGP Feature
* Developed OMCR MIB/UI Enhanced Generic Processor feature for CDMA network
* Designed feature to have the capacities of FEP, CDP, OMP, CPP Devices, to improve their logical functions, and to reduce the number of those processors per transcoder Improved other performaces

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    In my first job out of uiversity, I was handed a one inch thick manual of the “Official Acronyms of the [Organization]. AS I flipped through it in disbelief, I realized that “acronyms”
    is in fact an acronym itself:
    A – A
    C – Couple of
    R – Redundant
    O – Organizational
    N – Names
    Y – You
    M – Might
    S – See

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