New Forms Are Awesome, Huh?

Embedded within a performance culture is the ability and desire to seek opportunities to enhance performance throughout the organization. I believe the Maximizing Claim Productivity Worksheet we have created will enable us to continue to find ways to improve our productivity, implement changes in a timely fashion and appropriately assess the impact of such modifications.

The leadership and willingness of the plan champions to accept a greater role in enhancing our Claim productivity is a sign of Excellence!

[Ed: Extra strength bullshit bolded for your convenience!]

2 Responses to “New Forms Are Awesome, Huh?”

  1. 1

    And people wonder why nothing gets accomplished… What a douche bag, yet another example of a American trying to justify his/her salary. But I am sure that they gave a good
    blow job or managed to con someone that they looked great in a sweater, or that dad
    was so happy they were one of the team. Or maybe, they were a perfect fit to a
    perfect family of retaurded assholes. Hey, I’ve seen it all.

  2. 2

    Place I used to work at, the boss kept generating BS forms and procedures so he’d have lots of paper to scuffle. Notice I said “used to work at”.

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