Who is Marcia?

Dear BullshitJob, I am a helpdesk guy at a huge corporate campus…and let me tell you about a conversation between me and my boss regarding Marcia. I’m gonna copy you on some emails. [Ed: Here they are…]

Marcia is having a problem with her machine, can you call her?

Hi, sure, but a few questions:
1. Who is Marcia?
2. What is her phone number?
3. What is the problem she is having?

[Ed: three days later] Have you fixed Marcia’s problem yet?

I still need to know who Marcia is, how to contact her, and what the problem is?

What, she hasn’t called you?


Oh, nevermind. She says it fixed itself.

I still don’t know who Marcia is.

4 Responses to “Who is Marcia?”

  1. 1

    just say that youre the one that fixed it and get some rep.
    nothing just fixes itself

  2. 2

    Not feeling too psychic that day then ?

  3. 3

    Sorry to leave you in suspense. Seems she couldn’t find the “any key”.

  4. 4

    Hi there… Can you please call me back? I have been waiting for ages!… :(

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