Great New Job Title

This just in… So, I had my annual evaluation yesterday. Well, every year without fail, they change my department around (I work for a PR firm). My job stays EXACTLY the same every year, but they call it something different every time. Drum roll please… This year I am… “Inter-Departmental Dynamic Motivational Officer“

Chain of Command

I work for an ad agency a while ago which opened a new department who was tasked operating a new facet of our client relations.  The group was organized as such. VP Director of Sales (me) Director of Account management Account manger 1 Account manger 2 Account manger 3 Well after about a month of […]

Senior Schmenior

Please help me in extending congratulations to [Name], he has just been promoted to Senior Web Developer. [Name] has helped us on many of our past projects and done a superb job. Now that we are expanding the team, [Name] is being promoted to a position of leadership amongst his peers. As an additional reward, […]

Working Lunch

To: [All] From: [CEO] Due to the recent events and the uncertain purchasing climate of the American consumer, we have been forced to make some changes at [Company]. Starting immediately, empoyees are asked to shorten their lunch hour to 30 minutes and work through that period. We need extra effort, drive, and focus to acheive […]