Office Space

A tribute to perhaps the most bullshitty-est movie ever…
“Office Space” – Written and Directed by Mike Judge

If you work in an office and you have not seen the movie Office Space, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself. If you work in the computer or “hi-tech” industry (shudder), then you should be double-ashamed. Although classified as a comedy, it is actually more of a documentary for us here at, and quite frankly, an inspiration. Please do yourself a damn favor and go see it ( or buy it! ), preferably with co-workers. Failing that, a significant other, and use the line “See honey, this is my life…” Watch their little eyes light up with understanding! Enjoy this sound and photo gallery, but don’t forget to go rent Office Space…

So Peter…
Yeah hi…
Problem here…
Go ahead…
Um, yeah…

Hawaiian day…
Answer machine…


Missing work…
Don’t Care…
Pieces of flair…
Job security…

Words to live by…

Samir and Michael
Horrible idea…
PC load letter?
Paper jam…
Michael Bolton…
Pound me in the…
This is a suck…


The Bobs
What do you do…
Fire on Friday…
Missing work…
Not gonna work…
Stan / Mike Judge
More flair…
Bare minimum…
Million dollars…
Corn hole…

My stapler…

Payroll problems…
On fire…

By popular demand…
“O” Face…

Extreme fajitas…

If you have Flash, check out this user-contributed Office Space Soundboard. Let your mouse do the walking and let Lumbergh do the talking! Thanks for sending that in, Aroneous, and everyone check out his new website!

May I humbly suggest the “Um, yeah…” Lumbergh sound as your “New Mail Notification” sound in Windows? Download it and then set it up by going to Settings > ControlPanel > Sounds

Special Thanks to the Bill Lumbergh Appreiciation Society for their gracious donation of many of the sound clips.

29 Responses to “Office Space”

  1. 1

    freekin awesome!

  2. […] is this chart. We know this because of the popularity in comic devices such as Dilbert, Office Space, and The Office (which has a UK and US version, proving the triangle problem is […]

  3. 3

    I totally love this movie….Saw it years ago and still cracks me up. SO well done about life at times.

  4. 4

    I am looking for Lumbergh ring tones any suggestions?

  5. 5

    One of the funniest films I have ever seen. It was also an inspiration to me as as the time I truly hated my job and kind of developed Peter’s attitude to work.

    I have yet to review this movie on my new movie recommendation blog:

  6. 6

    This is my favorite movie of all time. It is the funniest movie ive ever seen and every time i watch it i can find something i didnt realize was funny… funny. I can almost quote the entire movie straight through. I love that there is a fan site.

  7. 7

    Great Collection! I would love to see the “I’m just not going to go anymore” quote from Peter. If anyone can find it.

  8. 8

    Nice! I created a twitter page for crap people at my office say. Kind of like that shitmydadsays guy, but from people I work with.

  9. […] of a case of the Mondays, I am looking to get Initech shirts from Office Space. Should be pretty […]

  10. 10
    Cube Drone

    My friend who is self employed needed a regular stop gap pay check in these economic times.
    I got him a job scanning blue prints and files in the engineering firm where I’ve been working the last twelve years. It’s monotony on steroids, I’m sure and the volume he has to scan and the output we continue to make…well it’s sysifusian task.
    When I ask him at work how it’s going he replies with “weeel, I like to tink of ett as job security…

  11. 11

    Would love to find out if there is a G rated version so I can share this with High School students. Anyone know??

  12. 12

    Working at an office is never G rated. Best that the students know this now.

  13. 13

    can sombody tell me who was music director of “Office Space” ? & some extraordinary things about this movie pls????? Thank you…

  14. 14
    James Givens

    I take great pride that I live in the city where this epic movie was shot! I don’t know how many times I have seen it but I only know it’s not enough!!!!!!!!

  15. 15

    for the high school teacher—- why don’t you just record it off of t.v.?? it’s on often enough, best scene on a Sunday night before work on Moonday.

  16. 16

    i thinck that the movie was so funney i almost piss myselft

  17. 17

    This movie has such a great atmosphere and dialog/characters!!! Laugh at it no matter how many times i see it!!! Love it. By the way, in the opening sequence with the boys making their way in the traffic, what the hell does Samir say while he hits his steering wheel? Now thats funny!!

  18. 18

    My former co-worker was in this movie. He is the guy that withholds the final piece of cake from Milton at the office party. Alas, he BECAME poor Milton… I hope he’s sitting on a beach somewhere with a drink in one hand and his stapler in the other! Good luck in greener pastures, Milton!

  19. 19
    carl Altieri

    GREAT movie…Joey C will enjoy it. great choice of music.

  20. 20

    I think this movie has come the closest to describing the life of a real engineer (well, a desk engineer).
    Part Comedy. part documentary, part reality tv, this movie should be mandatory in engineering colleges.

  21. 21
    Thomas Jefferson

    Oh the days when I had to put up with shit from cunts like Lumberg. No I am a boss and it is all a very big happy family. We have orgy day on Friday afternoons.

  22. 22

    Can you do a sound clip of Peter and Lawrence saying “Fucking A” from the end of the movie?

  23. 23

    I lived this cubicle world and it’s ALL true! From the fake, half-hearted attempts by management create “fun” environments with cake breaks and “awards” days to the stupid, cliche’,
    textbook productivity speeches. I don’t think the business world realizes how boring and transparent it really is. Anyway, I’m looking forward to buying and wearing an Initech
    T-shirt! I love this movie!!!

  24. 24
    Leonidas of Sparta

    best movie ever. I think people ought to know what office work is really like. They should show this to kids in school so that they know what they are getting into. A documentary for people working in the IT industry

  25. 25

    Can I be the first to call on this page, the movie “Horrible Bosses” as an honorary “Office Space II”

  26. 26

    Well, then I am ashamed of myself.

  27. 27

    I like this movie very much.

  28. 28

    I learned about the movie, when office was suddenly abuzz about a red stapler and have seen the flick many times since. Love it!

  29. 29

    Have you seen my stapler?

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