Quiz: Is Your Job Bullshit?

Work on a computer?
More than two meetings a week?
Two a day?
Your company an ‘internet’ company?
Have clipped-out Dilbert comics nearby?
Have more than one boss?
More than 3?
Work in a cube?
Do they frequently provide free snacks at your job?
Occasionally, free lunch? (I know, I know…)
Nerf cannons or beachballs or crap like that?
Are you a manager?
If so, do you have LESS than 4 people directly under you?
Even though your title is manager do you actually have NO ONE under you?
Do you have “soft skills”?
I don’t even know what that means.
Change your voicemail greeting more than once a week?
Does your company turn a profit? (Be honest.)
Does your company have ANY revenue at all?
Ever attended a management or “people skills” seminar?
At your own expense?
Does your company make a product you can actually physically touch with your hand?
Does your title include the word ‘senior’?
The word ‘brand’?
The word ‘creative’?
The word ‘strategy’ (or a form of that word)?
Are you overpaid?
Did you pay extra to upgrade your smart-phone even though your contract wasn’t up for renewal yet?
Do you know who Jakob Nielsen is?
Read his book?
Finally: Have you ever personally USED the sentance “I don’t have any free cycles.”?

  Bullshit Total
less than 0 – You probably don’t get it.
0-50 You are one of the disgruntled masses.
51-100 Chances are you irritate people.
101-150 Bullshit artist.
151-200 Are you my boss?
201-250 Open your mouth. Let the BS flow.
251+ A real straight shooter with upper-management written all over you.
People have been asking me, “Hey you, what’s your score?” Answer: 67
Is your score really high? Are you high?
Tell me about it. sendmail [at] bullshitjob [d0t] com

28 Responses to “Quiz: Is Your Job Bullshit?”

  1. 1
    Peter Møller-Vestfal

    Give my a title!

  2. 2

    no one

  3. 3

    51-100 Chances are you irritate people

    :) Yes, that is a fact! (And most likely the reason that I am without a job currently)

  4. 4

    my title is sr. telecomunication engineer

  5. 5
    Sidney Williams

    You know, I don’t even have a job title? Call me writer of ass saving shell/perl scripts and server dood.

  6. 6

    Phew.. only got 15 points.

  7. 7

    For those who are curious (me), the lowest possible number is apparently -37, and the highest is 397.

  8. 8
    Boris McWerter

    Scored 195… with the job title of ‘Group Technical Officer’…

    or as i like to calls…. ‘Group tit around with servers and shit, write the odd script, and every now and then ( but not often ) do something i call actual work ( i.e. somethign requires the application of the kind of thinking that justifies my salary and ego.!! )

  9. 9

    101-150 Bullshit artist.

  10. 10

    156 – Feck! My job title came up in the generator too. I’ll get my coat

  11. 11
    Tony M

    Hey, chances are I irritate the people that irritate me.
    Senior technical analyst – core infrastructure there are only 5 of us
    …on the team…same title…restructuring… 5th job for me same situation…
    may take up basket weaving soon!

    I like the quiz!!!

  12. 12

    Holy fuck balls! I got a total score of over two hundred! Doe that mean I’ll become a manager of the managers?

  13. 13

    Score – 7. I am in fact one of the disgruntled masses.

  14. 14

    Got 125. I work from home and many people envy my job – although I’m not sure they would really like to work like I do.

  15. 15
    Anonymous Coward

    :laughing hysterically

    The title generator matches most of the new executive jobs our company has ‘generated’ just before shitting out over 25% of the employees and middle management. Gotta have those high dollar executives though.

  16. 16

    I got 168

  17. 17

    I scored 4. FOUR.

  18. 18

    I got a -15.
    Yay for working on a two-man Construction team?

  19. 19

    101-150 Bullshit artist.
    not shure…

  20. 20

    If your boss is an asshat you are in a bullshit job

  21. 21

    wtf does this mean?

  22. 22

    I’m not one of the ignorant masses, I’m just pretending to be one…. honest.

  23. 23

    I got 93, I’m pretty close to be a bullshit artist. Give me a couple of years

  24. 24

    I got 93, I’m pretty close to be a bullshit artist. Give me a couple of more years

  25. 25

    188 points. My mother would be proud.

  26. 26

    -15 i am happy :)

  27. 27

    108 – bullshit artist
    I design games for smartphones. It’s as silly as it sounds. Bam bitches.

  28. 28

    new recruit. got 56, Bullshit Total. soon my score will cross 250.

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