Here is the deal:
Send us your bullshit!

* Choose an email or memo or whatever from work that you feel is funny, disgusting, or just plain shitty. It can even be a photo. I don’t care, as long as it’s bullshit.
* Note that what we’re looking for here is direct, documented bullshit given to you by you manager or their manager or their manager’s manager, not stories like “yesterday my boss was such an ass, blah blah…” Think of Matlock, we want REAL TESTIMONY of bullshit, not ‘hear-say’ evidence!
* We’ll remove any references to any specific product, person, or company. Or you can do this yourself if you wanna be double-careful.
* If you are paranoid, send the email from a Hotmail account or something where your job can’t track the email.
* If I like it, I’ll post sometime this decade.
* Pretty easy, huh?

Email: sendmail … [at] … bullshitjob … [dot] … com. If you are a real person and not a spam-bot you’ll be able to figure that one out.

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