2 Emails Received…

It has come to VP of Development [name]’s attention that the snack table in engineering has has exceeded $400 a week in costs. This is unacceptable, as we are trying to cut costs. A monthly budget for snacks has been allocated and when it’s out, it’s out.

Next email only minutes later:
Please welcome our new Project Manager, [name], he will be guiding our [project], which is already in progress. Please everyone assist him in getting up to speed.
[ed: I wonder how much this new, green Project Manager costs the company a week? And what is a Project Manager anyway? Seems like only Project Managers seem to know. I wonder how this guy scores on our quiz?]

2 Responses to “Snacks”

  1. 1

    I wonder if he’s the one eating all the food?

  2. 2

    Hmmmm… maybe the snack budget paid for him?

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