Push That Envelop(e) Where?

We have elevated the quality of our work, we have added exciting and challenging new clients to our roster, and some of the assignments we were privileged to work on this year continue to inspire our team to excel and push the envelop[e] [Ed: sp!]. I’d say we did quite well in living up to our core value — adding value to our clients, don’t you agree? [Ed: Oh yes sir!] That could not have happened without your dedication and hard work. Our team continues to excel and stretch itself to fulfill our mission and to live up to our core values. For that I am grateful to all. As a token of our appreciation, you will find a special Holidays gift in your next pay check — $100 Special Holidays Bonus (approximately). [Ed: What exactly does $100 ‘approximately’ mean?] Treat yourself or someone you love to a little special something, you’ve earned it!”
[Ed: Thanks Boss, now I can pay my health insurance deductible!]

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