Health Care

Our current American “heath care crisis” has given our company management the opportunity to cut benefits. Despite the insurance company raising our group rates a mere 6% this year, management has cut benefits to employees working less than 35 hours a week (previously it was 24) and is changing plans to one that requires more employee contributions and increased family deductibles.

Net savings for the company? Over 20%. Being the peon in HR, I am the one that gets to draft the memo that will be distributed to all employees telling them the news.

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    At my old company because of the bad “economy” we all got a 7% pay cutt even though the company was getting new contracts and was not losing any money. Then the same s$$hole rolls in with a new Aston Martin one morning…

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    Same thing happened in the company I work for. Raise freezes on the lower end of the company and then record profits were reported at the end of the next fiscal year. We were all rewarded with gift certificates to applebees…

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    They cut our Health coverage, we have pay and hiring freezes in place for the next couple of years. Increased our workload–told us we are not performing well enough and basically asked us if we like our jobs. What they failed to work out is that you cannot have 15% growth in efficiency every single year–>unless you don’t actually care about doing the job right. (shrugs)

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