Our Big Fat Greek Layoff

We have a large group of our team who are leaving us for various reasons by the end of this week/month. We would like to have a get together tomorrow at the Big Fat Greek Restaurant at 11:30 a.m. to say our goodbyes and wish them all well in their future endeavors.

It is a pay for your own event. The managers will pick up the bill for the departing personnel.

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    Jeff binder

    I understand the complaint…why shouldn’t the employees who are staying get the free food? I get that, and sympathize. It’s a show of disrespect that they value those who are leaving…more than those who are staying.

    But I’m even more resentful when Papa Corporation “feeds” me. As for me, I won’t take their free crap food. Because it’s always crap food. Their fat-laden, sugar-dusted unhealthy “snacks” are nothing more than a cheap distraction. By giving you ‘treats’, and sour, shitty ones at that, they infantalize you. And divert your gaze from the real problem: who’s taking home the sweet cake.

    Bring your own food. Feed yourself the power you really deserve. Fuck their crappy doughnuts.

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