What Could Be Simpler?

It started as an innocent conversation between myself and my co-workers about five years ago. Let’s make a website where everyone can post the bullshit emails and memos we get from our bosses so we can laugh. We all love the movie Office Space, which also inspired us. Well, I actually forked out $35 and did it. People (millions out there) have to deal with bullshit every day. Having a sympatheic place to send that rediculous email that you just received is just the load off you might need to make it through your day and home to safety without going totally insane. Have a laugh. You are not alone.

1) Receive Bullshit at Work
2) Email Bullshit to BullshitJob.com
3) Check Back in a While
4) Laugh While Cringing

It’s anonymous. I’m not your boss. I will not rat you out. I will read all the bullshit, and if I think your bullshit is noteworthy or funny or just downright unbeleiveable I will post it for everyone to enjoy.

What’s the Catch?
Well, my job is bullshit. I have free time. I have an ad banner at the top to pay for my hosting. I do this all myself, and friends sometimes chip in funny ideas. I think that covers it.

BullshitJob.com along with a few quotes from the curator of this online museum were featured May 2003 in Entertainment Weekly during an article about the popularity of the movie Office Space.

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