Quiz: Is Your Job Bullshit?

Work on a computer?
More than two meetings a week?
Two a day?
Your company an ‘internet’ company?
Have clipped-out Dilbert comics nearby?
Have more than one boss?
More than 3?
Work in a cube?
Do they frequently provide free snacks at your job?
Occasionally, free lunch? (I know, I know…)
Nerf cannons or beachballs or crap like that?
Are you a manager?
If so, do you have LESS than 4 people directly under you?
Even though your title is manager do you actually have NO ONE under you?
Do you have “soft skills”?
I don’t even know what that means.
Change your voicemail greeting more than once a week?
Does your company turn a profit? (Be honest.)
Does your company have ANY revenue at all?
Ever attended a management or “people skills” seminar?
At your own expense?
Does your company make a product you can actually physically touch with your hand?
Does your title include the word ‘senior’?
The word ‘brand’?
The word ‘creative’?
The word ‘strategy’ (or a form of that word)?
Are you overpaid?
Did you pay extra to upgrade your smart-phone even though your contract wasn’t up for renewal yet?
Do you know who Jakob Nielsen is?
Read his book?
Finally: Have you ever personally USED the sentance “I don’t have any free cycles.”?

  Bullshit Total
less than 0 – You probably don’t get it.
0-50 You are one of the disgruntled masses.
51-100 Chances are you irritate people.
101-150 Bullshit artist.
151-200 Are you my boss?
201-250 Open your mouth. Let the BS flow.
251+ A real straight shooter with upper-management written all over you.
People have been asking me, “Hey you, what’s your score?” Answer: 67
Is your score really high? Are you high?
Tell me about it. sendmail [at] bullshitjob [d0t] com

32 Responses to “Quiz: Is Your Job Bullshit?”

  1. 1
    Peter Møller-Vestfal

    Give my a title!

  2. 2

    no one

  3. 3

    51-100 Chances are you irritate people

    :) Yes, that is a fact! (And most likely the reason that I am without a job currently)

  4. 4

    my title is sr. telecomunication engineer

  5. 5
    Sidney Williams

    You know, I don’t even have a job title? Call me writer of ass saving shell/perl scripts and server dood.

  6. 6

    Phew.. only got 15 points.

  7. 7

    For those who are curious (me), the lowest possible number is apparently -37, and the highest is 397.

  8. 8
    Boris McWerter

    Scored 195… with the job title of ‘Group Technical Officer’…

    or as i like to calls…. ‘Group tit around with servers and shit, write the odd script, and every now and then ( but not often ) do something i call actual work ( i.e. somethign requires the application of the kind of thinking that justifies my salary and ego.!! )

  9. 9

    101-150 Bullshit artist.

  10. 10

    156 – Feck! My job title came up in the generator too. I’ll get my coat

  11. 11
    Tony M

    Hey, chances are I irritate the people that irritate me.
    Senior technical analyst – core infrastructure there are only 5 of us
    …on the team…same title…restructuring… 5th job for me same situation…
    may take up basket weaving soon!

    I like the quiz!!!

  12. 12

    Holy fuck balls! I got a total score of over two hundred! Doe that mean I’ll become a manager of the managers?

  13. 13

    Score – 7. I am in fact one of the disgruntled masses.

  14. 14

    Got 125. I work from home and many people envy my job – although I’m not sure they would really like to work like I do.

  15. 15
    Anonymous Coward

    :laughing hysterically

    The title generator matches most of the new executive jobs our company has ‘generated’ just before shitting out over 25% of the employees and middle management. Gotta have those high dollar executives though.

  16. 16

    I got 168

  17. 17

    I scored 4. FOUR.

  18. 18

    I got a -15.
    Yay for working on a two-man Construction team?

  19. 19

    101-150 Bullshit artist.
    not shure…

  20. 20

    If your boss is an asshat you are in a bullshit job

  21. 21

    wtf does this mean?

  22. 22

    I’m not one of the ignorant masses, I’m just pretending to be one…. honest.

  23. 23

    I got 93, I’m pretty close to be a bullshit artist. Give me a couple of years

  24. 24

    I got 93, I’m pretty close to be a bullshit artist. Give me a couple of more years

  25. 25

    188 points. My mother would be proud.

  26. 26

    -15 i am happy :)

  27. 27

    108 – bullshit artist
    I design games for smartphones. It’s as silly as it sounds. Bam bitches.

  28. 28

    new recruit. got 56, Bullshit Total. soon my score will cross 250.

  29. 29
    Big Blue

    281.. Time to move on.

  30. 30
    Sander Koop

    33. And yes. I am disgruntled. Need to work harder to improve my score.

  31. 31
    Maestro Adam

    Score: 277

    Technology and Finance Supervisor
    Public Sector

  32. 32
    El Senior Black

    73 score,
    and yeah “internet” sort of things.
    Senior ofc …

    BRB meeting …

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